For the entire Ukraine-Russia conflict many world leaders have been amazed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stayed in Kyiv. Now his most recent video has people questioning that as it looks to have been shot in front of a green screen.

People Questioning What’s WRONG With Zelensky After Noticing Something In Latest Video.

Here we share some of the comments:

“Remember Zelensky is a TRAINED actor. As is performing arts kind of actor, he used to act for a living.”
“A recent video of Zelensky supposedly visiting wounded Ukrainians in a Ukraine hospital. The electrical outlet on the wall in the background is of the type used in Poland.”

“There’s a clear difference between the focal length of the camera on Zelensky and the background. Furthermore, they didn’t even bother to color correct the lighting between the 2 composites. The light aren’t flickering, so the background is a still image.”

“I don’t think he’s in Ukraine. I don’t believe anything that is being said in the news anymore. If they say something might as well believe the complete opposite.”
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“Did anybody notice all the interviews from his ,so,called office were hes wearing the same t shirt,along with everything around him the same…all done on SAME DAY!…”
“This is Western lie factory propaganda. Zelensky is NOT in Kiev. He fled Kiev days ago towards LVIV. He is currently in Poland taking orders from his US/EU masters. All those videos from Kiev were pre-recorded before his departure from Kiev.”
At the same time 56% of Ukrainian believe that Ukraine will win the war in the coming weeks…


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