In news emanating out of the former Soviet Union, an administrator inside Russia’s Advanced Research Foundation has revealed that actual human fighters in the infantry will be partially substituted by unmanned robotic protectors in the next few years.

As presented in an April 2020 report in Forbes, these autonomous robo-soldiers will be faster, stronger, and infinitely more accurate at tactical target selection than any trained human sharpshooter or marksman. These ambitious claims for enhancement of its military capabilities are part of Russia’s ongoing attempts to roll out mobile, self-aware weapons into the theater of combat operations, regardless of mild concerns coming out of the United Nations.

RUSSIAN military leaders have unveiled their secret state-of-the art robot army – which has an android gunslinger in its ranks.

The Terminator-like killing machine is seen showing off his deadly accurate shooting skills in a terrifying video which gives a glimpse of how future battles will be fought.

Fedor –  The clip shows the humanoid robot mowing down targets on a range with an automatic pistol gripped in each robotic hand.

Dmitry Rogozin, Vladimir Putin’s deputy prime minister, tweeted the video of battlefield research to show off FEDOR.

As well as being primed for frontline battle, the robot will also be sent into space by the Russians.

Rogozin tweeted these words to accompany the video: “Russian fighting robots – guys with iron nature”.

“We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in a lot of spheres.”

The video also features unmanned machine gun trucks, tanks and bomb-dropping drones.

Russia’s robot army also features unmanned tanks

Uran-9 – The Uran-9 is currently Russia’s largest robot. A medium-class complex, it has a characteristic jug-eared appearance due to the launchers located on the sides. The combat vehicle is armed with a 30-mm automatic cannon, Ataka anti-tank guided missiles and Shmel flamethrowers. It weighs up to 12 tonnes, a little less than the BMP-2.

Russian technology today covers the entire spectrum of ground robots: from reconnaissance, EOD and support vehicles to combat vehicles. “In terms of range, Russia has everything from miniature sphere-shaped robots that can be launched by hand on the ground, to heavy complexes like Sturm on a tank-based platform. And in terms of payload variety, Russian robots, whether combat or reconnaissance, are in the vanguard,” says Viktor Murakhovsky, a leading Russian military expert and editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland (Arsenal Otechestva) magazine.

Here is a Russian Military Robots Compilation Video.

Robotic defense machines are nothing new in Russia, as last year their Advanced Research Foundation released an impressive video showcasing its agile mini tanks that the military could utilize beside conventional infantry, as well as a squadron of next-generation quadrotor drones. Using sophisticated sensor arrays and linked computer navigation relaying data back to field command, these tanks and their accompanying overhead swarm robots are fully capable of delivering target information back to some marauding drone vehicle that can pull the trigger without prejudice if required.

While rumors abound of Russia using ground-based robots in urban combat situations as early as this year, the biggest obstacle the country will encounter prior to any substantial deployment of a multifunctional robot batallion will be the unification and focus of technology, science, and real-world threat assessment applications to ensure soldier safety.

The question is: Will Russia use its terrifying Robot Army in Ukraine, especially in Kiev, to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible?

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