What does it mean “Owning the World”? Can anybody, even the richest individual or the richest institution – rich defined as in mucho-mucho money – own the world? That would include, “owning” nature in all its infinite multitude, plants, insects, mammals, all the seas, the water under and above ground and the air we breathe – everything, trees, grass, flowers, bees, summa-summarum, the World.

That’s not possible. And hopefully will never be possible. But, as Klaus Schwab would say

“We – mankind – have now a unique opportunity to end the ambition and the drive of a few dystopian minds to pursue this goal which, if reached, might destroy the planet, our Mother Earth. We must join together now and with an awakened conscience exit this sick-to-the-bone matrix.”

This one-hour video provides a comprehensive picture of who controls everything we buy, eat, read, travel in, clothe ourselves with, how and about what we communicate with each other – and, yes, they also control the climate.

Finally, they control also our banking system. The “controllers”, those who enslave us with monetary handcuffs – inflation, interest rates, debt, credit, digital money, digital spending control – eventually they can make us or break us. Or in a better term: They wish they can make or break us. We can stop it. And we must.

For the safety of Mother Earth and for our own salvation.

As it stands today, the majority of the world – the food we eat, the transportation we use, the news we read – it’s all owned by the very same people. Combined, they are like an octopus stretching its tentacles around the world.

Their agenda is almost endless, but complete; well thought out for the last at least hundred years. They can make plandemics, provoke wars, climate change, cause supply chain disruptions, famines and massive death.

The term “plandemic” is used instead of pandemic, so that all understand that the pandemic was planned.

“They” are the levers and hands, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithmic tools of some extremely powerful financial corporations, the names of which are, by now, almost household words – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street – are everywhere. There are others, like Morgan-Stanley, Bank of America, Chase and so on. They also own a small piece of the pie.

Black Rock and Vanguard and to some extent State Street, are intertwined, linked together with mutual shareholdings, inter-changes of management and, thus, joint policy decisions.

Their individual asset holdings count as a single cumulative leverage power, currently as an estimated US$ 20 to US$ 25 trillion, as compared to the 2021 US GDP of some 23 trillion dollars, or the world GDP of 95 trillion US$ equivalent (2021 statistictimes.com). The combined leverage strength of 25 trillion dollars is at least 1.5 times the value of the world GDP.

So, every country of the world, every government, does their bidding. Any exception was “neutralized”.

That’s what we have been experiencing for the last two years. The worldwide, generalized, lockstep approach to covid management, measures, restrictions, testing and finally, the vaxxing tyranny – all is part of a massive public oppression; control of 7.9 billion people.

Shifting of assets from the lower 20% to 30% to the top one percent. Oxfam says, the world’s 1% gets 82% of the world’s wealth.

Forbes claims that by March 2020, here were some 2075 billionaires in the world. According to Oxford, two thirds of them obtained their fortunes through inheritance and monopolies.

Bill Gates alone, increased his pre-plandemic fortune from 96.5 billion dollars by about 33 billion to 129 billion in 2022 (Forbes). Increasing one’s fortune by a third (34%) during a plandemic he helped create, which decimated the income and livelihood of billions of people and caused tens of millions of deaths, is quite an “achievement”. Maybe one day it will be ripe for Nuremberg 2.0.

So, the powerful become even more powerful.

They can buy up huge areas of prime-farmland, dictating the meet production is bad for the environment, that we, humans, should eat artificial plant-made meat, bugs, GMO-vegies, and leave the rich farmland to nature and to the oligarchs, of course.

Who owns the new food production? Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Soros Open Society Foundation, and the same giant financial institutions, we have seen before, operating through smaller corporations, companies and banks.

The same huge financial corporations, BlackRock, Vanguard, Sate Street, et al, are also the financial backbone of the World Economic Forum, or the WEF.

Two months before the corona plandemic “broke out”, in January 2020, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WEF and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, hosted the Event 201, a simulation of a corona virus plandemic.

Just by chance, a corona virus plandemic broke out at the beginning of 2020, simultaneously, around the entire world. All governments worldwide applied the same stern measures – in lockstep – lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing, isolation; a scenario already illustrated in the 2010 Rockefeller Report, as Chapter I “The Lockstep Scenario”.

So-called gene-modifying mRNA injections, wrongly called vaccines, were prepared in advance, but they were rolled out only in December 2020.

They were immediately “emergency approved” by all the health agencies throughout the world. The injections of these vaxxes caused immediately large numbers of “side-effects”, injuries and death. Nobody was responsible. All vaxx-companies were transferring the liability for vaxx-injuries to the governments, who bought – were forced to buy – their vaxxes.

Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of the WEF, said about the corona outbreak, Covid-19, this was a historical opportunity to Reset the world – what translated into the slogan that was in every politician’s mouth, “we are going to build back better”.

Finally, Schwab says in his book, The Great Reset, that by 2030, we will own nothing but we will be happy. Meaning we, the survivors at the end of the decade of the 2020s, will live in a fully digitized world as transhumans, owning nothing, but chipped and mind-controlled by 5G, to believe we are happy.

Happy Humanity!


There is hope. We can wake up and break loose from this matrix. We are many. They are few.


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