The Puppet of US-Embassy in Sofia and Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov faced with the love of his people.Bulgarian PM was Booed and Hit with Snowballs at Shipka during Celebrations of Liberation Day.

Those present at the celebrations at Shipka on the 144th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria constantly booed the representatives of the ruling party and specifically Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. After finishing his speech, he was hit by snowballs.

He was seen talking to the people from whom the whistles and balls came, but due to the ongoing chanting, it was not possible to hear what he was saying.

Bulgarians Celebrate Liberation Day

Traditionally, thousands came to Shipka, but this time, along with Russian and Bulgarian flags, where there were several “Vazrazhdane” (Revival) party flags. The party’s Facebook account was also broadcasting live.  The majority of the people called for resignation, qualifications such as “No American bases”, “traitors” and “NATO out”. This government is supporting the Nazi Regime in Kiew, and people want neutrality. Gasoline and petrol prices in Bulgaria jumped with over 20% for less than a week and still rising…

Source: User comment on Facebook

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