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Information about the tragic plane crash

It is with deep sadness and great dismay that we must say goodbye

by our company founder and long-time managing director Peter Griesemann, Juliane Griesemann, Lisa Griesemann and Paul Föllmer.

Due to the incomprehensible and tragic plane crash on September 4th, the authorities no longer assume that the occupants will be found alive.
Our deepest sympathy and our thoughts are with Björn and Georg Griesemann, their families and the Föllmer family. For the obituary

Griesemann Group in figures

Healthy, sustainable and profitable growth combined with stability and crisis security are important cornerstones of our strategy. This is also expressed in numbers.

We can only be successful in competition if we are a result-oriented and reliable partner to our customers. Our foundation and most important resource are our employees.

Employees – 1,600

Locations – 40

Engineering Partnerships –30

As a strong partner to the process and energy industry, the Griesemann Group has been supplying individual, flexible and complex solutions in the areas of plant construction, engineering, plant technology and lightning protection for more than 45 years – with multidisciplinary services that cover the entire life cycle of industrial plants.
The Griesemann Group is what it is because very special people work together here.

There are no coincidences!

CIA warned Germany of a possible (planned) attack on the Nord Stream pipeline

There are increasing signs of a planned attack on the two Nord Stream gas pipelines

German magazine Spiegel reported that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently warned Berlin of the mounting signs of a possible planned attack on the Nord Stream pipeline system.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters that damage to the Nord Stream pipeline system at NS1 and NS2 was “deliberate acts, not an accident”.

“It is now the clear assessment by the authorities that these are deliberate actions. It wasn’t a coincidence.

“There is still no information that suggests who could be behind this action,” Frederiksen said, adding that authorities do not consider NS1 and NS2 damage to be a military threat against Denmark.

When the CIA is involved, you know there are no coincidences. only mistakes. String B of the Nord Stream pipeline was not blown up.

Mr. Griesemann and his family flew exactly the route of the pipeline! And the corpses have not yet been found and that in the age of satellites and total surveillance…

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