“We didn’t know,” they will say…

An Israel-Hamas war or vice versa?
The doxa therefore reduces conflicts to a struggle between Good and Evil, between our “collective West”, bastion of civilization, and the rest of the world, the “jungle” where the evil Putin and the devious Xi-Jinping reign, attracting savages from the tricontinental “Global South” (Asia, Africa and Latin America). The narrators are thus challenged to defend and illustrate a cause lost in advance: those who took possession of history and laid down the law for five centuries, “people like us”, a tenth of the world’s population , are confronted with the remaining nine-tenths, who can no longer stand the arrogance of Westerners and their henchmen. For their part, forced to fight one against nine or ten, the leaders of the declining camp jump from war to war: the day before yesterday against Covid, yesterday in Ukraine, today in Gaza, against Palestine and the Arabs , tomorrow in the China Sea or off the coast of Taiwan…

Hamas-Israel ou Israel-Hamas? The designation (one or the other) has obviously been imposed as a determining element of language making it possible to classify and situate the protagonists on the scale of values.

At the center of the concerns of our Axis of Good sits Israel, a “moral” State by definition, in a situation of self-defense, which falls to the difficult task of having to defend the civilized world, its values, its rules, Good, Freedom , Human Rights, therefore representing the famous “people like us”. The occupiers, their soldiers, their police, the extremist settlers, the apartheid militias? Peacekeepers, a little brusque, but, faced with “human animals”, what do you want… etc.

This very local State reveals all its virtue in the face of Hamas, clearly “a terrorist group”, actor of an unmotivated aggression, incarnation of absolute evil, of barbarism, implicit emanation of the so-called Palestinians (who “never existed”, any more than the occupied territories, according to the claims of the late Golda Meir). The reader may find traces of terrifying videos on the Internet, in which he can read or hear hallucinatory comments: “We do to them what we want anyway and no one tells us what to do!!… But we tell others what to do!!!”. Decades of impunity have erased all the limits that could have restrained the guards of the illegal and inhumane blockade inflicted on the 2,5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, refugees in 1948 on their own land, herded in 1967 in this occupied enclave, which became from 2007 the largest open-air concentration camp on the planet. If you’re in the mood, take another look at the videos circulating on the web, surreal in their violence, incredible in their savagery, taken from a horror film, filmed in the midst of panic, bombings, destruction, widespread massacre, especially of children… This has been daily life in Gaza for a month, taboo in the camp of Good. It is also the hidden fate of the three million Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, exposed to daily abuses, confiscations and harassment.

While it is appropriate to deplore all civilian victims, without exception, this denunciation cannot make us forget the right of Palestinians to resist any occupation or oppression, legitimized by international law after 1945, whatever the form of this resistance. Because the “international community” is responsible for this situation which it has accepted. Although anger is growing: United Nations Secretary General Guttierez no longer hides his anger and the UN special rapporteur, Francesca Albanese, does not hesitate to say that “all of Israel’s military action in Gaza is illegal”. Resignations are announced. We are also starting to worry (better late than never) about the 56 years of occupation, in flagrant violation of international law (Institute for Public Accuracy). In February 2024, the International Court of Justice in The Hague should rule on the legal or illegal nature of this occupation (see Comaguer Bulletin 535).

Among those who have undertaken to rewrite History, it is usual to blur chronological markers. No offense to the forgers, the history of crucified Arab Palestine does not begin on October 7, 2023 and it did not freeze on that date. However, it will be extremely rare to find in the performances of our journalists a semblance of memory which would place the Gaza war in the tragic history of Palestine for a century.

The initial usurpation, basis of the ignominy inflicted on the Arabs
The drama was initiated by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and announced in the wake of the Great War, during the suppression of the caliphate in 1924, when the Syria-Iraq-Palestine region was entrusted as a mandate to the two colonial superpowers which were then the Great Britain and France. In the shadow of the perfidious Albion, the Arabs of Palestine became acquainted with the Zionists thanks to the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire.

Not very popular among European Jews, the Zionist project is above all a colonial project sponsored by the British. The creation of a “buffer state” populated by settlers from elsewhere was planned at the beginning of the last century by Prime Minister Campbell-Bannerman. The dual goal of this strategy – to serve the interests of the Crown and sow perpetual discord in the Middle East – will be achieved, beyond all hope.

It is the crimes perpetrated by Europeans against the Jews, culminating under the Hitler regime with the horrible Holocaust, which will promote the rise of a current favorable to the creation of the Jewish National Home, in Africa, in South America , or in Palestine.

The fate of Palestine materialized at the end of the Second World War (in 1947) and shortly after the creation of the UN, whose 51 founders were “Western” or of the right movement. If the Partition Plan serves as a form of repentance to the Europeans, it is cheap since it ignores the rights of the indigenous Arabs and shamelessly dispossesses them of more than half of their historic lands (55% to the Zionists against 45% to the Palestinian Arabs). This partition came to fruition in 1948: the British ended their mandate without notice and the State of Israel was proclaimed. In the surrounding disorder, the Arab state and the international status of Jerusalem will be forgotten, with Jordan inheriting their administration. The first war against Israel was launched immediately.

Historians or analysts gloss over this irreparable usurpation of which the Arabs were then victims, which fueled indelible resentment, an effective fuel for maintaining a state of war. Voted under American pressure, the Partition Plan gives legality to the new state, but it in no way erases the legitimacy of Palestinian rights. The current war cannot therefore be understood by ignoring this context of frustration, exacerbated in 1967, following the lightning defeat of the Arabs: having annexed de facto The West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, the Israelis will administer as the occupying power, soon extending their control over other territories. This situation will result in a worsening of the fate of the Palestinians, who will be spared nothing: denial of the right to self-determination, repression, discrimination, apartheid, with the support of its protectors.

International law or the “rules”
However, we could have expected a state created by the UN to respect this international law on which its existence was based, but the UN community did not flinch, systematically amnestying its protégé despite his countless violations. As soon as its omnipotence disintegrates, the disloyal West prefers to impose “rules” of its own invention. The State of Israel, which also prefers “rules” to international law, was thus able to impose its whims, its provocations, its crazy drift… And it is with full knowledge of the facts that the Oslo agreements were “forgotten”, that multiple convictions were ignored (human rights violations, arbitrary arrests, summary executions, etc.). Vexations, destruction, confiscations, provocations were able to persist, violations of the Holy Places became commonplace: colonization was able to continue as if nothing had happened.

A few figures will be enough to describe an outlaw journey based on this total impunity guaranteed by the United States and its veto. For the period 1948/2016 alone, there will be 226 Security Council resolutions violated in 68 years, an average of three per year, to which must be added 21 resolutions for the past seven years, or a total of nearly 250 resolutions in theory. immediately enforceable. At the same time, there will be 140 resolutions from the General Assembly from 2015 to 2023…

The 75 years of the Palestinian Stations of the Cross will be marked by the Israeli-Arab wars of 1956, 1967, 1973, the Oslo Accords, two intifadas (uprisings), the invasion of the Gaza Strip by the Israelis in 2007, following the electoral success of Hamas. It will be punctuated by the bloodbaths of Deir Yassine (1948), Dawaniya (1949), Qibya (1953 by Ariel Sharon), Kafr Qassem (1956), Bahr al Baqqar (1970), Sabra and Chatila (1982), presented as acts of self-defense by the sentinel of the free world in the face of barbarism.

Since the fool’s bargain of the Oslo Accords, this Palestine had left the screens, losing its “centrality” in the minds of the Arabs, but not in the Zionist obsessions: from 2002 to 2023, there are fourteen offensives, under the banners American-style absurdities: Rampart (2002) Rainbow and Day of penance (2004) Summer rain et Change of direction (2006) Orchard (2007) cast lead (2008 / 2009), pillar of defense (2012) Protective border et Guardian of our brothers (2014) Northern Shield ‘2018), Black belt (2019) Guardian of the wall (2021) et Iron swords (2023)

The Apartheid State
The two-state solution having fizzled out, since this prospect was never more than an illusion for the Arabs, and the question of Palestine having evaporated, the leaders of the Zionist state were able to bring their true enterprise to light: to marginalize, if not annihilate, the Palestinian presence in Palestine, by transforming the State of Israel into a Jewish State. No longer hiding the fact that they consider the Arabs, who constitute most of their environment, as “human animals”, they have accelerated the establishment of global segregation, like that of South Africa or the Rhodesia in the good old days. Between indigenous Arabs and Zionist occupiers a regime of total separation has been established according to the South African model: paradise for some and hell for the Palestinians.

They were condemned to live in this pariah status on their own land, which had become the land of others. The West Bank has been transformed into a puzzle of bantustans or a labyrinth of walls, barbed wire, bypass roads through which spits from Palestine slip. Jerusalem has become a battlefield where mosques and churches suffer periodic attacks from fanatics. Gaza is a concentration camp where more than two and a half million prisoners are left to the mercy of their captors… This is how Palestine became the scene of a tragedy called “genocide”.

Anxious to distance themselves from their Saudi neighbor while attracting the good graces of the irascible Trump, certain Gulf states had increased their advances to the so-called “Zionist enemy”. Out of nowhere like a pious Covid, “Abraham Accords” had been signed with the Emirates of the former Pirates’ Coast and Bahrain, followed by Sudan (formerly the “country of the three No’s” to Israel) , by Morocco, whose King is president of the Committee Al Quds (the sacred city). Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kouschner, was responsible for transforming the essay by dangling in the eyes of the “Ibrahimized” Arabs a “transaction of the century” that would put aside the Palestinian cause for a handful of dollars… The future was bright …for the Zionists. But they were probably wrong to rejoice too quickly.

The great shift of the world
At a time when we pretend to question the endemic violence in the thrice holy land, the crossroads of civilizations, it is good to remember that Syria-Palestine is located at the epicenter of the violent confrontation which triggered a geopolitical shift in the world: the hegemony of the “collective West” is no longer anything but a relic of the past and a new order guided by three state-civilizations (Russia-China-Iran) takes over, leading to its wake a “Global South” seduced by the multipolar model currently being structured. Syria – an emblematic country – figures prominently in the new winning camp, and until now one could wonder what place would be reserved for Palestine, this “Southern Syria” a natural offspring of historic Syria.

All those who try to foresee the destiny of the Arab countries, of Syria, of Lebanon, of Palestine, of Egypt, of Arabia, will have noted that it is the fiftieth anniversary (almost to the day) of the Ramadan/Kippur war in the fall of 1973 provided the beginnings of a response. The Palestinian offensive on Gaza on October 7, 2023 created astonishment and profoundly reshuffled the cards, destroying the worn-out myth of Israel’s invincibility: it restored the centrality of the Palestinian cause and brought balm to the heart of many Palestinians or Arabs, whatever their positions in relation to the attackers… The “resistance” was described as “terrorism”, this is normal, recalled De Gaulle in a press conference in November 1967, which remained famous .

After four weeks of carnage, during which the stakeholders of the collective West and its proxies communed in a certain execration of Evil. It is time to question the results of Operation “Iron Swords”, a response to the storm unleashed by the Palestinians (Toufan al Aqsa). Israelis boast a lot about inglorious performances. Following the incessant bombing of the two and a half million Palestinians locked in their 360 square kilometer concentration camp, the figures are pouring out and speaking for themselves: according to the Agency Media Palestine, more than 10 Palestinians killed, almost half of them children (according to Defense for Children International Palestine) …

Ethnic cleansing or genocide?
If it is understood that the extremists of Israel are planning the extermination of the entire population of Gaza, since its leaders boast of it and have begun its implementation, a debate is underway: genocide or “ethnic cleansing”? What is underway in Gaza is in line with the policy adopted by the Zionists since 1948 consisting of erasing all traces of Palestine and Palestinians in their place of settlement: the feeling leans more towards genocide, based war crimes and/or crimes against humanity, under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The latter’s pre-trial chamber confirmed its territorial jurisdiction over all of Palestine in February 2021, although Israel has not signed the Treaty of Rome. And in the West, the term “genocide” is increasingly used.

Like other peoples in the region, the Palestinians are faced with a dilemma: die slowly while hoping for an improbable burst of conscience from their tormentors, or die in combat by provoking fate. How to remain silent, how to remain stoic in the face of the arrogance of the promoters of this genocide, before our eyes, since Western governments, giving lessons, purveyors of crimes and punishments against the Arabs, give blind support to the actors of the genocide , on our behalf.

How can we seriously talk about a two-state political solution when the Palestinian side is reduced to confetti, Israeli leaders look like madmen and hatred spreads throughout the region? The West bears responsibility, but the tide is turning: anger is brewing in its big cities, where demonstrations in favor of Palestine are gaining momentum. On this Saturday, November 4, a huge crowd marched through the streets of Paris vehemently protesting “against the genocide of the Palestinians», with an immense fervor that does not deceive. Don’t we feel an immense breath of hope when great voices, from diverse backgrounds, call for peace, reason, justice, humanity, intelligence.

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