Today was an exciting day with so many events. Silence before the storm? No, rather storm before the Armageddon!

First: NATO’s nuclear weapons exercise begins: Any wrong step could trigger Armageddon. Putin puts all deterrence forces on alert. It’s about NATO, which will practice nuclear strikes against Russia in the next 2 weeks! For two weeks… Every day until the end of the month!

Second, Europeans are rising up against their governments. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets today in France (over 140,000), Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Moldova… All protesting against the warmongering NATO and against the insane sanctions on Russia that are ruining our lives… And that our governments are proud to impose to have…

Third, President Xi called on his billion people to “prepare for the worst.” Internationally, Xi saw “immense risks and challenges” and “global changes unseen in a century.”

News of Event Four came suddenly and unexpectedly (like death in an ongoing experiment on humanity): Saudi Prince Saud al-Shaalan threatened the West with jihad and an agonizing death. This was reported by former Israel secret service agent Yakov Kedmi on his TG channel.

Saudi Prince Saud al-Shaalan – cousin of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and grandson of King Abdulaziz ibn Abdurrahman al-Saud (founder of Saudi Arabia) – promises jihad and an agonizing death to the West.

The prince recorded a video in which he says in English and French (with Arabic subtitles): “Anyone who questions the existence of this country, this kingdom… We are all projects of jihad and martyrdom. This is my message to anyone who thinks they can threaten us.”

Saud al-Shalaan says: “…we are all projects of jihad and martyrdom” (“…we all [Arabs] are projects of jihad and martyrdom.” Given that these are the words of a prince from the Arab world, Member of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, dubbed the “Kingdom of the Two Holy Mosques” (where the holy cities of Islam Mecca and Medina are located), suggests the importance Saud al-Shaalan placed in his message and the Arabic one world should perceive it.The West faces jihad and agonizing death.

All Muslims in this world are joining Russia’s crusade against the evil, which almost all religions in the world have already joined!

Attached the video:


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