Apparently, Benjamin Netanyahu is not in a secure position in the Israeli government. In addition to the political pressure that the prime minister is suffering domestically and internationally, now even his allies seem to make it clear that his political stability is over, with no hope of a lasting future for his government.

In a recent statement during a meeting with advisers at the White House, American President Joe Biden revealed that he believes that his Israeli partner’s days are numbered. He doubts Netanyahu’s ability to overcome the effects of the serious Israeli political and security crisis, regardless of the results of the conflict.

In fact, apparently, Netanyahu’s political survival has been a recurring topic in the White House since Biden’s latest trip to Tel Aviv. The American president even reportedly told Netanyahu to think seriously about the “lessons learned” from recent events in order to pass them on to a possible successor – virtually making it clear that the Israeli leader has no chance of remaining in office for long.

It is easy to understand the reasons for this political pessimism towards Netanyahu. As the Israeli political crisis worsens, Netanyahu is increasingly becoming a target of criticism. In none of the possible scenarios for the conflict, does the Israeli leader seem immune to the opposition’s anger. If he increases the attacks, he will be accused of crimes against humanity. If he decreases military intensity, he will be accused of negligence. And even if he defeats the Palestinian Resistance and achieves his goals in the most efficient way possible, he will still be criticized for having failed to prevent the events of October 7th, which were a demoralizing historical occasion for Israel.

Commenting on this topic, Hagar Chemali, a former National Security Council and Treasury Department official, told media:

“Even the best case scenario for Israel in this war would not likely keep Netanyahu in power because the horror of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack will remain fresh, and because so many Israelis already directly attribute the lack of security to Netanyahu’s policies (…) Conversely, even if the war drags on or additional fronts open (…) I still believe Netanyahu is on his way out because Israelis are already publicly questioning whether he is really the right person, not just to win this specific battle against Hamas, but the broader war for a peaceful and secure Israel.”

Netanyahu’s situation appears even more complicated considering the high levels of disagreement between him and his intelligence and defense officials. Recently, Netanyahu made a controversial post on his X (formerly Twitter) account blaming Israel’s intelligence for the failure to predict the Hamas attack, in a clear attempt to say that he has no responsibility for the case.

“At no time and no stage was a warning given to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding war intentions of Hamas. On the contrary, all security officials, including the head of army intelligence and the head of the Shin Bet, estimated that Hamas was deterred and interested in an arrangement”, the post reads.

It seems clear that Netanyahu is creating more enmities than alliances in the current situation. And this will not change anytime soon, considering that the conflict tends to escalate significantly. With the losses the IDF is suffering in its small-scale ground raids into Gaza and the possibility of direct intervention by Hezbollah and other Axis of Resistance’s groups, the pressure on Netanyahu will only intensify and more and more Israelis will consider him a weak leader, incapable of guaranteeing national security.

In parallel, it is necessary to remember that Biden and Netanyahu have never been great friends. The current American president, although a supporter of Israel, is aligned with another wing of political Zionism – a more “leftist” wing, biased towards globalist agendas and a “woke” ideology -, while Netanyahu is closer to the American Republicans, having been a great ally of Trump. It is obvious that in times of war these differences are ignored, which is why Biden is unconditionally supporting Israel. However, it is quite predictable that the Democratic government will cooperate with Netanyahu’s opposition to replace him as quickly as possible.

As always happens before significant events such as the replacement of a state leader, public opinion is already being prepared in advance. The Western media’s objective in revealing the White House’s conversations about Netanyahu is to show changes are about to happen at any moment. This way it is possible to give a positive response to Netanyahu’s opponents and simultaneously prepare his remaining supporters for the “inevitable” fate.

By Azad

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