Kiev’s brave defenders protecting the capital from its own residents!!! 18+(Violence)

On February 26, Ukrainian nazi forces killed a family, who were trying to leave the city of Mariupol. Then, they opened fire on other civilian cars.

The situation in the city remains tense. While the joint Russian, DPR forces are advancing to the city, members of Nazi units like Azov and Gaidar are ‘cleaning’ Mariupol from alleged ‘Russian saboteurs’, killing civilians who are trying to flee from the ‘hostage’ in the city.

While civilians were prohibited to leave the city, more Ukrainian heavy equipment is being deployed on the streets of Mariupol. The same happens in Kharkov…

These Maidan-monsters are worse than real Nazis. But Western MSM will never show this while crying for “poor little Ukies fighting for democracy”.

Source: South Front

By Neo

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