Ex-POTUS Donald Trump visited Delaware County, Ohio for a rally 10 days ahead of the primary elections in the state, where he let loose a tirade against Joe Biden, honing in on what appeared to be the latest in a long line of the 79-year-old president’s gaffes.
Donald Trump didn’t mince words when he referenced several viral moments involving Joe Biden, recently captured on video, as he addressed an Ohio rally on Saturday.
The ex-president, who was in the state to endorse a number of candidates ahead of the primary election slated for 3 May, including Senate primary candidate J.D. Vance, questioned the 79-year old president’s ability to lead the country, saying:
“We’ve never had anything like this and we have a president right now sadly, who has absolutely no idea what the hell is happening… He’s shaking hands with the air. He’s walking around somewhat bewildered — I’d say it’s no good — and taking orders from the Easter Bunny.”
Trump appeared to be referencing one of the latest apparent gaffe’s from the 46th POTUS, such as the one where a person dressed in an Easter Bunny costume seemed to direct a “confused” Biden who “wandered off” to take selfies with children at the White House Easter Egg Roll last week.
“You know, the Easter Bunny was a political operative… He did a good job, actually. We should hire that guy,” quipped Trump.
Indeed, the commander-in-chief who last November underwent a medical examination that concluded his health did not impede his duties often finds himself in awkward situations. Biden even referred to himself on one occasion as a “gaffe machine”.
A person in an Easter Bunny outfit interrupted Joe Biden’s comments at the White House’s Easter egg roll on Monday.
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Biden, filmed speaking with reporters and guests, had begun discussing Afghanistan when Meghan Hays, a White House press official and director of message planning, who was wearing the costume, broke in to usher him away, seemingly to steer him away from another awkward moment.
The video of the incident set off a Twitter fest with Republican operatives.
Ex-aide to Orrin Hatch, Matt Whitlock, tweeted about how the WH sent in the Easter Bunny to “interrupt whatever he was about to say on Afghanistan.”
Netizens weighed in on the tirade unleashed by Trump against Biden at the Ohio rally on Saturday, with many yet again suggesting that “whoever is leading Biden around” should be charged with “elder abuse”.
President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks Friday, April 22, 2022, at Green River College in Auburn, Wash., south of Seattle.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.04.2022

Imaginary Friend: Biden Appears to Look for Handshake Again, Only to Face Emptiness
This comes as just recently, after wrapping up his speech in the city of Seattle, Washington, on Friday, Biden said his goodbye to the audience and turned around, appearing to extend his hand for a handshake to nowhere, in a bizarre repeat of what occurred a week earlier. After finishing his speech in the state of North Carolina on infrastructure reform, Joe Biden had turned his back on the stage and held out his hand for an alleged handshake, although there was no one standing near him.
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Looking somewhat confused, Biden took a few steps near the podium, seemingly looking for a passage to leave the stage.
On 21 April, Joe Biden turned his own gaffe into a joke in an attempt to save face, as he seemed to struggle with pronouncing Oregon’s Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s last name. After the blunder, the president joked that the press may mispronounce his own name as well, saying that he could be called “Beedn” in response.
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