What’s going on at the front?
What’s going on behind the scenes?
Stupidity or betrayal?
Military cunning or blatant incompetence?

And most importantly, will we reach the end or negotiate peace by dividing Ukraine with the Poles – is this not just a whisper of traitors and an echo of the oligarchs’ fear?

I do not know what is happening at headquarters and decision-making centers in Russia.

What are their reasons and what is their vision of what is happening.

But I know what will happen to Russia in 5-15 years, if we now agree to some agreements and divisions.

Russia will disappear.

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1. Following NATO’s promises within 1990, NATO’s launch 200 km to our border is a very difficult strategic defeat.

2. Almost everyone, including the Bantustans, will stop being afraid of Russia, because only one Bantustan, albeit with the support of weapons from abroad, easily defeated that Russia.

3. There will be riots on all borders. After Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey will catch fire.

4. The national republics in the Russian Federation, fueled by exactly the same nationalism, will also catch fire.

5. Belarus will also join the démarche, for which it will be more profitable to submit to Poland after the Russian defeat than to help the Russian Federation.

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6. Sweden, Finland, Georgia will join NATO, which will completely deprive us of the military balance.

7. The current government after the defeat will be overthrown by internal and external players.

8. A series of changes in political regimes will begin with the simultaneous deconstruction of the state apparatus.

9. All positive endeavors in society will be limited, public and political life will be frozen. To maintain stability, the new authorities will step up repression.

10. Complete emigration from the country. More precisely, an evacuation that will not leave a chance for technological revival. And the country will become a raw material colony.

11. Within 5 to 15 years, the Russian Federation, which lost the war, will finally be divided into several compact national entities that hate each other. Russian regions will also be divided, if possible.

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12. Even if by some miracle we manage to preserve our identity without going through a puzzle and becoming ordinary people, then we will have no chance of revival until the 22nd century.

This is the algorithm if we deceive ourselves and negotiate peace.

Russia needs a complete and unconditional victory. If it is necessary to use nuclear weapons, let them be used. Where and against whom it is necessary.

As the Commander-in-Chief said:

– We do not need a world without Russia!

Source: BG Via on Telegram

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