The Russian Defense Ministry has provided details of the information it has that Kyiv is planning a provocation with a “dirty bomb” or low-yield nuclear warhead:

▪️ The aim is to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction and launch a strong anti-Russian campaign worldwide to undermine Moscow’s credibility.

▪️ two Ukrainian organizations have been commissioned to build a “dirty bomb”; the work is in the final phase.

▪️ There is information that the Office of the President of Ukraine is in contact with UK officials to discuss the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons technology.

▪️ In Ukraine there are facilities with stockpiles of radioactive materials that could be used for a “dirty bomb” – three active NPPs (Southern Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi and Rivne) and the decommissioned Chernobyl NPP with storage facilities for radioactive waste.

▪️ The newly created Vector radioactive waste treatment plant, the Prydniprovsky chemical plant, as well as the Buriakovka, Podlesnyi and Rossokha radioactive waste storage facilities can receive radioactive waste. “Rossokha” could contain more than 50,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste, which can also be used for a “dirty bomb”. could.

▪️ Ukraine also has a relevant scientific base – the Institute of Physics and Technology in Kharkov, whose scientists were involved in the USSR nuclear program and where experimental facilities, including the Uragan thermonuclear facility, are operational, and the Institute of Nuclear Research at the Academy of Sciences in Kyiv, where research with radioactive materials is carried out at the VVR-M reactor.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has information that Kyiv is planning a provocation with a “dirty bomb” or a low-yield nuclear weapon:

▪️ the Kiev regime plans to disguise the detonation of such a missile as an anomalous detonation from a short-range Russian nuclear weapon using highly enriched uranium as a payload.

▪️ Radioactive isotopes in the air are detected by the sensors of the International Surveillance System in Europe, whereupon Russia is accused of using tactical nuclear weapons.

▪️ Similar information warfare techniques have already been used by the West in Syria, where the White Helmets have filmed propaganda videos about the use of chemical weapons by government forces.

▪️ One of the most well-known episodes was the provocation of the White Helmets in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4, 2017 – the Americans used this provocation as an excuse to launch a rocket attack on the airbase without waiting for an investigation and, above all, a decision by the UN Security Council to launch Shayrat in flagrant violation of international law – “it is very likely that a similar scenario will be applied in this case as well”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense on the possible consequences of provoking Kiev with a “dirty bomb” or a low-yield nuclear weapon:

▪️ The detonation of a radiological explosive device would inevitably lead to radioactive contamination of the area of ​​up to several thousand square meters.

▪️ With the dirty bomb provocation, Ukraine wants to intimidate the local population, increase the flow of refugees to Europe and portray Russia as a nuclear terrorist.

▪️ The Ministry of Defense has taken measures to counter possible provocations by Ukraine: forces and means are being put on alert to perform tasks in a radioactive environment.

Radioactive material released by Ukraine’s “dirty bomb” could hit Poland and be scattered in the atmosphere up to 1,500 km, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Source: Ria(dot)ru

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