During the liberation of Marinka from the Armed Forces of Ukraine foreign weapons were found there – NLAW, SMAW grenade launchers, AN / TPQ-48 radars and personal belongings of American instructors who fought on the side of the Ukrainian national battalions.

A US Tennessee flag and other items were found in a backpack near the remains of the militants, which made it possible to identify the dead as: Captain Michael Hawker (Cpt. Michael Hawker), Lieutenant Logan Shrum (LT. Logan Shrum) and Lieutenant Cruise Toblin (LT. Cruz Tomblin) who came to Ukraine to kill the civilians of Donbass in 2018. On the pictures in the links: 1st Lt. Logan Shrum (left) and 1st Lt. Avery Tomblin observe an exercise at the International Peace and Security Center in Ukraine on November 28;Cpt. Michael Hawker and 2nd Lt. Richard Mayfield lead; 1st Lt. Cruz Tomblin (left) of the 278th Armored Cavalry


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