There is definitely one new thing I want to address. With all the unprecedented changes in our known world, with all the hard and eagerly awaited days, with all the complexities of the world situation.

The complexity of the situation arises from the nature of the public sphere and the behind-the-scenes power that drives the collective West. She is very dangerous and the relationship with her is now moving from a state of total submission to partial disobedience, but moving toward disobedience and rejection. Which leads to extremely severe negative events anywhere in the world.

Hate, anger, malice towards anyone who disagrees and tries to break free are just some of the things that pose an immediate threat to life on Earth at this time.

Only Russia openly stood up and fully declared itself against this monster.

It is logical that it should be Russia, because it is the largest country in the world, it alone has all the resources to fight the monster, and moreover it has a spiritual task to end this very fight. I will say here that China has not been identified by the spiritual world as a country that can make this civilizational super complex leap. Therefore, China is a country remote from the main impact.

Here’s the news that caught no one’s attention.

Any object or entity that attempted to resist the US Federal Reserve System did not physically survive. The FED is the first major tier of Anglo-Saxon world hegemony, a hitherto secret elite reporting directly to the supreme master of the Deep State – the English monarchical family aristocracy and their Jewish chief officials.

Vladimir Putin has openly and officially declared war on the FED on behalf of Russia. He declared that this system will die.
By all the laws of conspiracy to date and today’s reality, we should expect the Deep State to place all of its remaining power on the one person who has the right and power to stand against the monster. It remains to be seen exactly what events will follow against Putin. If he physically survives, it will be the first fall in history. And why will it mean the FED is dying.

Throughout his political career, Vladimir Putin has deserved this official defiance of the centuries-old backstage of the world, which like a spider has enwrapped the entire earth in its webs. It may sound pathetic, stupid or even absurd, but it’s the truth and I’m sure it will be seen in the years to come that every word I said was true and I spoke the truth.

Putin is the only person who has and can have the right to be in this place and to do what he is doing. The world still owes its cloudless peaceful existence to his personal nobility and kindness alone. Anyone else in his place would have waged a world or nuclear war long ago. And these words of mine will be proved by the future. I hope the meta can handle me calling Putin a good guy.

Judging by the West’s reactions to another of his speeches, I conclude that the West has fallen to the level of a beginner learning to spell again. It’s like learning the alphabet now. Everything is so difficult for them to understand in Russia and with Putin. Everything about them has to be explained to them again and again and is never understood. Anyone who hates Putin doesn’t know him. You have never heard or read it. Of course there are those who hate him even after seeing, hearing and reading him.

But I’m speaking of those who have never heard it but have heard it told to them by the western media. I’ve been listening to it regularly for 15 years. And I can confirm, not say, but confirm that the speech at Valdai 2022 was a repetition of everything that was abundantly clear to the Russian audience. Putin keeps explaining the alphabet like bores and they still don’t understand it. This phenomenon I do not know what end it can have, what resolution. What happens to children who cannot or do not want to learn the alphabet? There are teachers here to say.

Putin stepped where no one had stepped before and anyone who tried was liquidated. That should be clear!
He declared a civilizational war on the Deep State. The globalists are right about that, he is an aggressor. Declare war on the FED.
And now the consequences are set in motion.

The Fed’s financial ratios are manipulated daily. The truth is distorted and where it can, it is completely hidden. Whole millions of groups of world economists, financiers, including in Bulgaria, live in almost complete illusion about the financial situation of the West, or fail to see what is coming. The American economy and the world dollar system face bankruptcy and collapse. You will be artificially ventilated, which will not last long. In a matter of months, this collapse will plunge the entire Western model, including us, into an unprecedented financial crisis and destroy Western economic superiority. I wonder how it is possible that specialists are wrong, but here it is possible, just as the doctors, the military, the teachers have been wrong for the last 2 years.

Translated by machine from Bulgarian

Source: A. Gesheva

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