After the meeting in Samarkand:

First there was fake news about a coup against Xi in China. It was a proven fake.

Yesterday there was news of the disappearance of Raisi, the President of Iran, following an attempted color revolution in Iran in an almost complete iteration of the “George Floyd” model in the US. Unfortunately with many victims in Tehran. There is currently no confirmation of Raisi’s fall and disappearance.

After September 30, information about an urgent and ready coup against Putin is multiplying day by day in an avalanche that is being spread around the world and in our country.

Split between Kadyrov and Putin/Kremlin.

Peskov on Kadyrov’s criticism:

-“How does the Kremlin assess Kadyrov’s criticism of some leaders of the special military operation?”

– “The heads of the regions have the power to express their point of view, to make assessments. After all, these are the heads of entire regions, including Ramzan Kadyrov, who, as you know, has done a lot since the beginning of the military operation and has contributed a lot to the special military operation and continues to do a lot. The whole republic makes a big contribution.
Emotions should be turned off even in difficult times. Ultimately, we prefer to stick with balanced, objective assessments. [Is it possible to use tactical nuclear weapons? ] Our use of nuclear weapons is based on the relevant doctrine. Other considerations cannot be made here…”

Coup against Putin: Resistance to the President is growing in the FSB, in the General Staff and especially among the oligarchs

Against this background, more and more observers in Western politics are asking themselves: Is Putin’s power crumbling after all? For weeks and months there has been speculation that a putsch against the long-term ruler could be being prepared behind the scenes in the Kremlin. So far, however, members of the opposition and experts have seen less of the danger of open mass protests from the streets towards Putin. A coup by the ruling elite class, perhaps also by the FSB secret service, which is said to have been grumbling against the president for some time, seemed more realistic.

Information about preparations for a coup in Russia is already in full swing.

What can I say?

Except that the main forces of anti-globalism (at least I think they are the main forces) are involved. I also remind you that the newly acceded territories are not legal until the Duma votes on what will happen on October 5th. Nothing is said about Medvedev…

Connect the dots…


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