Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning to those who would try to stop his invasion of Ukraine: “If you try to stop us, you’ll face consequences that you have never faced in your history”. What Did Putin Mean by “Consequences Never seen in History”? This could be only a ‘Doomsday’ weapon. Russia has over 6000 warheads strategic and non strategic nuclear weapons. The strategic are the well known intercontinental ballistic missiles like Topol M, Yars 24, Sarmat, Bulava et cetera. More interesting, but not less dangerous are the non strategic nuclear weapons. And here comes the Poseidon.

How strong is the Russian doomsday weapon “Poseidon”?”Unlimited range”, one destroys half of the United States

To understand the “Poseidon” nuclear torpedo, we need to understand the group of weapons such as nuclear torpedoes. Nuclear torpedoes are different from torpedoes. Military fans know that torpedoes are well known. They are underwater weapons that can self-propelled and guide underwater and attack surface or underwater targets. Most of them are used to attack submarines, surface ships and other underwater targets. The torpedo has a wide range of applications, can automatically search for targets, and has many advantages such as good concealment. It is one of the main attack weapons of the Navy.

Nuclear torpedoes are very different from torpedoes. Although nuclear torpedoes have only one more “nuclear” in their name than torpedoes, it is this “nuclear” word that makes all countries in the world afraid of it. A nuclear torpedo is a torpedo equipped with a nuclear warhead. This unusual nuclear warhead has greatly enhanced the destructive ability of a nuclear torpedo. Its target is no longer a small target at sea such as a submarine, but an aircraft carrier, Powerful underwater targets such as nuclear submarines.

We need to know that nuclear torpedoes are very common weapons in the five major countries, but in fact, only the United States and the former Soviet Union are equipped with a large number of troops. In this comparison, it is not difficult to see that nuclear torpedoes are powerful, and the only two nuclear torpedoes in the United States and the former Soviet Union began to develop and use nuclear torpedoes during World War II, but the technical conditions at that time and other aspects were relatively backward. The power of nuclear torpedoes is fortunately not experienced by all countries in the world.

After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the United States lost its powerful opponent, and research on nuclear torpedoes was put on hold. However, the United States was careless, and what it never expected was that although the former Soviet Union was disintegrated, Russia, which possessed most of the advanced weapons research and development technology of the former Soviet Union, “does not emphasize military ethics.”

Russia, whose military strength cannot be underestimated, suddenly announced in 2015 that it would restart its nuclear torpedo program and named it “Poseidon.” Poseidon is the name of the sea king in Greek mythology. Russia named its nuclear torpedo after this name, which shows its great power in the ocean and Russia’s great confidence in its lethality.

And what the United States is afraid of is not the name of the “Poseidon” nuclear torpedo, the sea king, but the great power of “Poseidon.” Capable of devastating a huge stretch of coastline with a multi-megaton warhead, the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo would set off a chain of deadly radioactive tsunamis that would smash into towns and cities leaving them uninhabitable for decades.

According to some reports, the Poseidon may also have a seabed or mobile site launch option. In the seabed option, known as Skif, Poseidon can wait on the seafloor in a special container for as long as necessary.

Our question to Nato is very simple: How to defend yourself from a 500 meter high radioactive tsunami?

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