Negotiations with the army, encircled in the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk, are progressing: the soldiers are guaranteed that their lives will be spared, they will be treated according to international laws if they release the civilians (500) and surrender.

About 80% of the remaining Ukrainian soldiers surrounded

According to our information, Schneelenski sent the remaining 40,000 men there. Other sources report that there may be 50,000 Ukrainian soldiers or more in the cauldron.

ASOT is a chemical factory. Who knows what devilish surprises await. A pro-Ukrainian map of the front line. The open area is blocked by Russian artillery.

The time window is slowly closing, Scholz and Macron are driving to Kiev, UA is supposed to be at the negotiating table so that the consequent defeat of the so-called “Western world” can be concealed at the last second, before it’s too late.

The Pentagon said it had funded 46 biolabs in Ukraine that “deal with human and animal health.” Only 3 of them strictly observed some precautions. This has taken almost 20 years, spending about half a billion dollars.

Right now, the US is trying to shift all the blame for what’s happening there onto the Ukrainian leader. Most likely, this recognition is related to the AZOT plant in Sevrodonetsk, where the situation with Azovstal and Pit-404 is repeated.

The Ukrainians managed to blow up all the bridges that allowed them to evacuate all the evidence from this bioweapons lab. There are rumors that their headquarters are looking for whoever ordered the shooting. The Russians are to receive new evidence of the experiments carried out there.

Sources: Twitter and Facebook

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