As a longtime iPhone consumer, I’m so jealous of this Pixel AI characteristic

I won’t lie; my foremost attention at some point of Google’s Pixel occasion on Wednesday become the Pixel 8 collection. The Pixel eight and Pixel eight seasoned might be more costly than before, but they’re notable gadgets, considering Google is ready to offer you seven years of updates, together with Android OS releases and feature drops. That said, the Pixel Watch 2 segment stuck this longtime iPhone consumer’s attention way to a new generative AI health function coming soon to Pixel devices.
in the course of the Pixel Watch 2 phase, Google showcased a brand new feature for the Fitbit app that I’d love so that it will use internal my iPhone’s health or fitness app. It’s a characteristic that Apple will hopefully reproduction sooner rather than later. Come subsequent 12 months, Fitbit will assist you to ask questions about your trendy education consultation, and it’ll use AI to offer more insight into your development.
schooling with ChatGPT is simply the start
I already showed you ways I used ChatGPT to teach for a half of-marathon and the way generative AI has been extra beneficial than I may want to have imagined. ChatGPT took only some seconds to offer me a schooling plan spanning about six months, complete with meal hints, plausible goals, and further race recommendation.

I saved asking ChatGPT for extra statistics on every occasion I thought of something else or desired to tweak it.
That’s just an example of the way incredible generative AI can be even before we get to customized AI studies. in the course of the day gone by’s occasion, Google demoed a few examples of the future of private AI, including one that might follow without delay to my going for walks wishes.

Google’s non-public AI will take training to a whole new degree
in the near destiny, you’ll be capable of ask Google’s personal AI assistant in the Fitbit app questions including why your maximum current run felt harder than standard.
The AI responded at once, giving attainable reasons. for example, the direction the runner selected may have had greater mountaineering segments than earlier than. also, their sleep pleasant became trending down before the run.

now not only that, however the AI also offered a graph to reveal the stats for the most current runs.

That’s an excellent use of AI to enhance fitness and workout without hiring an actual teacher. You only need a smartwatch (the Pixel Watch 2) and a phone (like a Pixel eight) to do it. The characteristic won’t be to be had in beta until next year, but.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Google discovered a way to enable it on Fitbit gadgets and older Pixels. after all, this feels like some thing older gadgets should be capable of deal with unless the non-public AI tactics all of the records on the tool rather than sending it to Google’s servers.

Why I need Apple to copy the Fitbit AI capabilities
i am an iPhone user, which means the wearable i exploit is an Apple Watch. I should go along with a Fitbit machine, and that i’m sure Google will need to increase the generative AI features of the Fitbit app to iOS just like it’s doing with its Google Assistant with Bard.

however i would need such generative AI conversations to take place on the iPhone the usage of facts the Apple Watch records. those are the devices i exploit, because the Apple ecosystem does extra for me than something else.
Then there’s the privacy component. understand that I hold creating a point about generative AI merchandise no longer having enough privacy protections in region. Apple ought to repair that.

With the example Google presented, the AI assistant could have access to plenty of private records. We’re looking at workout history statistics, place records associated with the ones runs, and sleep-monitoring records.

There’s also the problem of processing that information. If it occurs on a device, I wouldn’t worry about that records being shared with all and sundry else. but if the records hits Google’s server, then that’s a trouble.

Google has yet to deal with the privacy implications of this type of non-public AI assistant. And that’s something that Apple would do first whilst unveiling such advanced AI features.

On that note, I’ll upload that Google by no means used the phrase “privacy” for the duration of its Made by way of Google event. That’s hardly surprising considering all of the generative AI innovations it showcased.
With all that in mind, I’m searching forward to Apple imposing comparable AI functions in iOS and watchOS inside the near future. hopefully, it received’t take too lengthy to peer such customized AI functions from Apple products.

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