Video has emerged from the battlefields inside Ukraine showing actual Ukraine Army Troops waving the WHITE FLAG of surrender, to save their own lives.

The soldieres were part of an area that was under utterly horrifying artillery attack by the Russian Army.  Most of their unit was wiped out dead.  They had no chance at all of surviving unless they surrendered.  They did.

Below is the video from a Russian Army Drone showing the soldiers waving a White Flag on the battlefield.

The Russians STOPPED the attack and accepted the surrender.

In my 60 years on this Earth, I have never witnesses an actual White Flag surrender.   Sure, I’ve seen recreations of it in Hollywood movies, but never the real thing, in a real war.  Quite a moment.

There is no shame at all in what these Soldiers did by surrendering.  They saw their situation was totally hopeless, there was no way to fight back and no way to escape, so they chose to live.  I totally “get it.”  I see no shame at all in what the soldiers did.

Thank God the Russian Army did the right and honorable thing and allowed these men to surrender in safety.

The Ukrainians put up their best fight, and lost.  The Russians won – and won again, by being honorable.  Kudos to the Russian Army for its honor and compassion.


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