There is A LOT of NATO activity north-south-west of Kaliningrad, has been for some time already. NATO is preparing for an attack – the most obvious sign is that it’s very hush-hush, nobody talks about it despite all the activity.

In fact THIS move might even get declared as the advertised “spring offensive”. NATO might even claim that Ukraine somehow did it – NATO is not even a part of it!

They are currently building enough power (NATO in Poland & Lithuania) to take over that relatively small piece of land, and will try to execute the maneuver with a surprise attack in one single day. That’s because they can’t allow Russia to have time to respond.

THEN they (NATO) will start blackmailing Russia, “you pull out of Ukraine – we give you back your Kaliningrad”. The MSM will sell this to the general public like icecream in a heatwave. EVERYONE will start chanting the same song “Russia invaded Ukraine, we have an obligation to do this for Ukraine”. And “It’s only fair that Ukraine gets something back in return since Russia won’t agree to negotiate”.

Interesting information, but improbable in action. Ukraine has no border with Kaliningrad. Ukrainian personnel would have to attack from within NATO countries (if it were to be blamed on Ukraine) and that would represent a direct attack by NATO. This is understandable even to an idiot or dolt. But then again, Russia has been drawing red lines for so long they look like a character from an old Warner Brothers cartoon with Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck drawing the lines to be ignored.

It’s coming. You read it here first.

NATO attacking Russia’s strategic nuclear forces stationed in Kaliningrad would be justification for Russia to attack NATO targets around the globe with their nuclear triad. I knew NATO was devoid of morality and highly corrupt, but I never figured them for suicidal. On the other hand, the Ukrainian army is just as corrupt as NATO and have sacrificed themselves in wave after wave of conscription on the altar of the Eastern front. Perhaps NATO is reaching the point that most drug addicts reach where they will take any risk, even if it leads to suicide, for one more high.

NATO has had never any other plan than to attack Russia.

NATO has way to much to lose…

Sources: Harold Turner and Goldlikeproductions

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