Jack Teixeira, a 21 year old member of the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts Air National guard, who worked in Information Technology, has been arrested and charged with leaking US Military Classified Documents onto the Internet. He was “active duty” and had Top Security clearance.

Over 100 Classified, Secret, and/or Top Secret documents wound up being shared with an online gaming forum.

Teixeira was arrested today. More as it becomes available . . .

Pure and simple. But timing for what exactly we won’t know for a while longer.

You put a 21 year old with only a high school diploma into a position of the “highest gov clearance” then wait for for just the right time to arrest him in front of national media cameras AFTER knowing about the breach for some time???
It’s been timed for something specific. Notice how fast Garland has taken it to a press conference? They want it front and center right now.

This so ridiculous. As if they did not know. The fbi/dod/etc/etc has been monitoring discord and FB and all the rest. Supposedly, someone asked him to prove he was MI and he supposedly posted the war docs? No.
The biggest prob the gov has is exposure. And the internet is the first target. They plan on removing free or even paid access to internet. Elon already stated he has a way to solve the ‘authenticity’ prob supposedly to remove bots. But he also wants to connect those who can afford the privil of a paid twit acct.

A huge group of priv citizens who followed a YT channel started a prep discord grp that was 6+ yrs old. In 2017-18 without warning, it was zapped. It was natural & organically growing grp & they didn’t allow just anybody access. You needed to ask for permission for access & that took at least a week bf you knew if you cld join. Lots of former military w/preppers mostly Christian’s if not all. If the feds were in there, and of course they were, they kept very quiet. If anyone tried to create ANY DRAMA, they were out immediately. That includes those wanting to create social upheaval. Each comment was reviewed before it cld be posted. But they were banned before it was cool.

Source: Harold Turner

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