Folks in the United States and Europe seem oblivious to how deeply our arming Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers is affecting Russians.  Here’s a small glimpse into reality: Video below shows protesters in Moscow tonight walking the streets chanting “Nuke Washington.”

Now, some of you may be thinking “If Russia wasn’t attacking Ukraine, none of this would be happening.”  WHat you blithly overlook is what WE in the US and EU did for the prior eight years, that CAUSED Russia to enter Ukraine.

We overthrew the democratically-elected President of Ukraine and installed a puppet regime in Kiev.

We told Ukraine to negotiate the Minsk Agreement without ANY intention of honoring it, simply to “buy time to arm Ukraine for later war with Russia.”

We told Kiev not to negotiate peace with Russia once the conflict started.

We began arming Ukraine with longer range weapons and providing real-time GPS coordinates for Ukraine to target Russians on the battlefields.

Now, I know the mass media hasn’t bothered you with any of these facts while they’ve been propagandizing for Ukraine over the past year, but these ARE the facts.

Things have now gotten so bad, average Russian citizens are marching on the streets telling their government to NUKE us!

It is easy to understand the Russian people in this march;

As they watch their soldiers die in a battlefield conceived and prepared by the us-uk-eu-nato fucks.

They now want some blood spilled by the evil ones in dc and other places.

It will be the end of civilization, but man finally destroys himself in a blaze of fire and radiation.

Might as well go out with a bang!

Source: Hal Turner

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