One of the biggest Russian channels on Telegram, the RVoenkory Z channel with 1.1 million followers, has announced the hunt for German and American tanks.

— Strat of translation:

We’re announcing the prize for the first captured and first destroyed Leopard tank:

▪️1 million rubles for the first captured Leopard 2 tank;

▪️500,000 rubles for the first destroyed Leopard 2 tank.

The award is collected from patriotic entrepreneurs who are closer to the appearance of enemy tanks at the front.

??Fighting vehicles of German fascists are supposed to come to Ukrainian neo-Nazis in March.
❗️Warriors, prepare and study enemy vehicles.

Previously, Russian entrepreneurs announced a reward of 10 million rubles, or about $140,000, for each Abrams destroyed.

⚡️.. for so much money Ukrainians will destroy them themselves so they never get to the front, comment users.
??A bonus of 10 million rubles was announced for each knocked out Abrams, – according to actor and director Ivan Okhlobystin.

“Dear friend! With undisguised pleasure, I hasten to inform you that some representatives of large Russian companies have authorized me to announce that they will provide a bonus of 10 million rubles to anyone who has knocked down Abrams. Goida!” – said actor and director Ivan Okhlobystin.

—-End of translation.


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